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By profession I am a Embedded Design Engineer (R & D) at Ampere Vehicles Pvt Ltd (http://amperevehicles.com). I have spent years learning Electrical and Electronics and finally **NOW ;-), **the love for my subject has turned me into an Electronics Hobbyist. I love to code and hence enjoy doing it with Embedded systems and other Automation Stuff. Always love to keep my self busy with wires and codes. Die hard follower of Elon musk (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elon_Musk). You can find my ... Read More »
  • as-WIN-th made the instructable Speedometer Using Arduino and Processing2 months ago
    Speedometer Using Arduino and Processing

    Here you go.. syed

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    ESP8266 WiFi Module for Dummies

    Okay, I found this Myself. Once the programming is complete I have to remove the GPIO 2 that was connected to ground prvsly. I have another doubt, right now I am able to opean the page only on devices that are connected to my router, How can I open it on other devices?

    It works only once after I have uploaded the code. I was able to get the output on my Browser.But when I power it off and on again, i assume that my ESP will automatically run on the previous code. But it did not. I even tried resetting the ESP no use!!..What could be the reason?Please help me

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    What material did you use for your print PLA or ABS? I am planing to make a replica of it with following tweaks1. Lithium batteries2. Rotational servo with Ultrasonic sensor3.Remote on off using Android mobile and Bluetooth4. Powerful motors with a better differential drive system.5. Drive the bot wireless with a Bluetooth.I got stuck in making the vacuum part. I did not use a roller brush to collect the dust I tried using vacuum but so far ended up with 2 failurs

    Hats off to your work man!

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