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  • as-WIN-th commented on TonesB's instructable ESP8266 WiFi Module for Dummies4 days ago
    ESP8266 WiFi Module for Dummies

    Okay, I found this Myself. Once the programming is complete I have to remove the GPIO 2 that was connected to ground prvsly. I have another doubt, right now I am able to opean the page only on devices that are connected to my router, How can I open it on other devices?

    It works only once after I have uploaded the code. I was able to get the output on my Browser.But when I power it off and on again, i assume that my ESP will automatically run on the previous code. But it did not. I even tried resetting the ESP no use!!..What could be the reason?Please help me

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    What material did you use for your print PLA or ABS? I am planing to make a replica of it with following tweaks1. Lithium batteries2. Rotational servo with Ultrasonic sensor3.Remote on off using Android mobile and Bluetooth4. Powerful motors with a better differential drive system.5. Drive the bot wireless with a Bluetooth.I got stuck in making the vacuum part. I did not use a roller brush to collect the dust I tried using vacuum but so far ended up with 2 failurs

    Hats off to your work man!

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