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  • askfriends commented on amandaghassaei's instructable Powering Arduino with a Battery1 year ago
    Powering Arduino with a Battery

    can i use external 5v 6A power supply to power the arduino?i bought this power supply for my ws2812b led strip which works on 5v.will it burn the arduino, will it be safe?

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  • askfriends commented on AshokK17's instructable Arduino (Increase Power Port Pins)1 year ago
    Arduino (Increase Power Port Pins)

    can i power my arduino from my 5v 6A power supply?is it safe, will it not damage it or heat it?actually i am using this power source with ws2812b led strips behind my TV and currently i am feeding the power to arduino via TV usb port which is nuisance for me because i have to change the port everytime since there is only one usb port in my TV.

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  • askfriends commented on vipin8821's instructable Wireless water level indicator1 year ago
    Wireless water level indicator

    I would suggest to search for a software to make schematic diagram of your project, if you are not familiar with such softwares then don't worry just take some time and try to learn it or google for tutorials, but i believe such softwares are so easy.Also share some tips about the project if you face any difficulties and how did you solve it.

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