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Mark Montano3 months ago

Hi Audrey! Thanks for the follow here on Instructables. I love this site! I also post on YouTube if you're over there. I have tons of DIY videos that you might enjoy. I look forward to seeing your work here on Instructables. It's truly my favorite site. Mark

Here's the YouTube link if you're interested:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt4zycubX8BJZ8pZ...

There are also tons more photos of each of my project on my blog atwww.MarkMontanoBlogs.blogspot.com

samerfifa5 months ago


really well said .thanks

KadeemGarrent6 months ago

Best of the Best, really well said

I love it very much and thanks for posting it on this site

PowellMade1 year ago

Thank you so much for following Powellmade. I appreciate all the work you guys do there. I like the bikini! So cool

Hope to up load some new instructables soon.

Love your instructables!Thanks for making awesome stuff!

Tater Zoid1 year ago

Thank you for subscribing.

Instructable Thank You.jpg

I love your new profile pic! It usually drives me crazy when prolific members change their image, but your new one is too cool to be bothered by it.

audreyobscura (author)  Brooklyntonia1 year ago

Ah shucks, thanks! Its an old picture, but since halloween was over, I changed from back from astronaut to silly sunglasses. If you ever come visit us in SF you can see how many sunglasses I keep around me at the Instructables office. It's A LOT

jm0907702 years ago

you pinwheel wraps look really good!

sf49ers2 years ago

I'm Hawaiian and I have never heard of the electric Ukulele, I wonder what it sounds like.....

audreyobscura (author)  sf49ers2 years ago

It's basically a uke with a mic inside - sounds normal until you plug it in :D

fennix2 years ago
nice thank you, I'm a nature re-builder ( everything I have runs on humans waste) my trucks -Bio-fueled as is gas stove (from table scraps) chickens eat bad bugs while we enjoy some of their gifts (eggs) yet biggest claim to fame is Estatestyle were we convert the elites homes into what they think is butterfly gardens, which do much much more, none the less, I'm only 1 seed in the garden, really impressed someone took the time to bring 'others' together THANK YOU I will pay to join very soon FENNIX (FBG)
mkahata3 years ago
hi, my name is masahiro kahata. i got e-mail for free 3D printing permission few month ago. but that time my file was so big.

so i made small size file. like to use black rubbery material.

let me know it is ok to process print or not.
thank you.
You have some of the coolest Instrables ever!