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  • aurora_cypher commented on j44's instructable Arduino Laser Tag - Duino Tag2 years ago
    Arduino Laser Tag - Duino Tag

    Hello mate, I came upon your project very interesting, although i am 6 years too late and not sure if you still active on this account. Could you please share the Arduino code for servo activation when the IR is being fired upon ( Jdog Arduino). I would like to continue your project. I dont know a thing about coding so if you could help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Conversion of cheap Airsoft P90 to Miles laser tag.

    Hello mate, so where is the sensor to indicate you get shot? and what happens when you get shot ?

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  • aurora_cypher commented on Oracus's instructable IR battle conversion for RC Tanks2 years ago
    IR battle conversion for RC Tanks

    Hello great job thanks, I am extremely new to RC tank.. could you please explain to me. I want to buy this Infrared receiving device I plug this into my Remote control receiver or do I need some other chip system like the DBU or the DBC could you tell me what DBU and DBC. I have 2 rc tanks without infrared device on. and, I am extremely bad with electronic so I rather buy these devices and plug in rather than custom build my own. Please help and I hope you understand my questions.

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