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  • How to assemble a HHO Generator and why it works

    Popular mechanics:http://www.popularmechanics.com/cars/a3983/4310717...Chemistry side of it:http://www.chem.umass.edu/~cmartin/Courses/GenChem...Dateline:

    HHIO systems absolutely do not reduce your energy costs. It is a scam, outright. The two problems are the second law of thermo and amount of power required. Check out the math here:http://www.aardvark.co.nz/hho.shtmlhttp://www.aardvark.co.nz/hho_scam.shtmlAlso dateline did a bit on these a while back. With that said, electrolysis is really fun to toy around with. I'd check out the torches, a much better use of electrolysis.

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