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Would you do me a fav and post you halo SMG...?
Crap! It's Thursday!
ninjusk7 years ago
what happened to all your instructables
he is banned from the site.. well he carnt comment so he has all his weapons on www.knexinnovation.net :)
How'd he get banned?
He called DJ radio by his ral name so DJ diddnt like it so flagged him constintaly untill he got banned. I think.
In other words, I kicked his @$$. =P<br />
Meanie. But at least you had a reason.
lol :P
PS baken, if you do see that, I am only joking.
Check KI for them.
can u print on knexinnovation? i wanna make this, but i don't know if i can print off the instructions.