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  • balexan7 commented on Paige Russell's instructable Homemade Glass Cleaner Recipe1 year ago
    Homemade Glass Cleaner Recipe

    You'd be wise to check your facts before dissing on someone. True, it isn't the hydrogen that bonds. It is the hydrogen in one molecule bonding with the oxygen in another, ad nauseum. This is called a hydrogen bond, so thus the confusion. Also, you're right about soap breaking the surface tension of water, which then allows it to clean surfaces by bringing the dirt along with it when it is washed or wiped away.Otherwise, the WATER sticking to WATER (E.g. Surface tension) is why we need something to break the bond.Congrats on the business. Congrats on the secret formula. But next time, don't assume you know everything. Otherwise, you come off sounding like a d***.

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