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you are not the original bannana inventor. I am because i only forgot my password and when i remember it i shall show you.
bannana inventor (author)  knex inventor5 years ago
yeah... okay hahah
I told you I was making a gat that looked like yours so... here it is. Im going to post it, but Its still undergoing improvments. 12 shots, yellow ammo, 30 feet w/ 1 rubberband.
Knex Photos - Gat, Sorter, & V4 004.jpgKnex Photos - Gat, Sorter, & V4 005.jpg
HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!

haha, thats a stick bro
I know! 
lol, very nice
so waazzzz up??
Ah, nothing, our school just started badminton, so that should be fun :D
Nice! U really good at badminton?? I do track and field. its GREAT!! :D
Ya, I'm pretty good ;)
haha, good for you :)
whats that