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    DIY Bass Uke

    Thanks, I ended up moving the bridge so the scale(nut to saddle) was 21 inches and converted it to fretless. All is well and happy with the result. AQUILLA nylagut strings work the best. I have tried other and they break, especially the D and G strings.So what are you building? What is a cello/bass. Will you bow it or pluck it, regarding extending the strings, maybe you could extend the tailpiece. Still anchor it over the end edge but extend it somehow to meet the strings, part way towards the bridge etc??

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  • barefoot77 commented on olivergon's instructable DIY Bass Uke1 year ago
    DIY Bass Uke

    I have a small guitar with a aprox. 22.5 inch scale length. I am considering converting it to a UBass type instrument. Would Aquila thundergut or Ashbory strings stretch sufficiently for this length which would range from 27 to 29 inches?

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