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Hi barrack Obama.
Puddock3 years ago
I dont know if your still around but, awesome things!
I know your comment is from last year, but yes I agree with you.

And I'm only half around... Got banned see? (haven't been here since 2010).
lazyboy133 years ago
hey u think u can do the HK416? its not really that different from ur m4, just gotta change around the RIS, front and rear sights
if it's not that hard, why don't do it yourself.? (cause i think he left)
You banned?
hes got the line aint he (he doesnt really know why he was and why the other guys involved got off lightly) ;) guess who...
your mom? jk
are you quitting knex? plz dont. your one of mah favs
I think he's been banned, so yes, technically he has left. Notice the line through his name in the comments below?
Brammetje4 years ago
I've posted my bushmaster acr so if you want to see it just look for 'my bushmaster ACR'.
pkmn4 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
DJ Radio pkmn4 years ago
I don't think he can do anything about the instructions at this point...
leafydave4 years ago
if you do leave you have left quite a good mark on the knex gun legacy