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  • bbass408 commented on jgrachie's instructable Build a Raised Garden Wicking Bed4 months ago
    Build a Raised Garden Wicking Bed

    Your raised bed is definitely the "Cadillac" model...I wanted to offer an alternate idea to the solution to the bowing problem without spikes into dirt. Once you put wood supports in dirt, it's over. They'll all break at the ground line eventually and then you'll loose all of your bowing solution.I did mine as completely free standing. In the middle of each of the long sides I added 4X4 vertical supports on the inside. I attached these to each other with a 2X4 parallel to the short sides (and ground) and about two inches below the level of the dirt so it would stay hidden (also wood in dirt that will rot). I used heart redwood all around. Now this bowing support will rot at about the same rate as the rest of the bed and I can easily replace it if it ever gets really bad.

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