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    beameron (author) 5 years ago
    BIG ANNOUNCEMENT !!!!!!!!!!!!! Iam taking back my knex and iam up for a new year,full of mega builds,usefull builds,pro builds and many more tutorials !! STAY TUNED***
    Please post your FMG.
    beameron (author) 6 years ago
    Sorry, AW-50 will agian NOT be posted. BUt.... I`am making another sick shotgun kinda like gun. Hope y`all will like AND love it. Hope to post it as fast as i finished it.
    beameron (author) 6 years ago
    Yes i know i DO like it xD
    cool bas36 years ago
    lol avatar
    beameron (author) 6 years ago
    POSTED SLIDESHOW check it out right now !!!!!!!!!
    beameron (author) 6 years ago
    BIG ANNOUNCEMENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I made an total new designed AW-50. And this one is gonna be posted ! (probably) I love this gun an i`ll post a preview TODAY !! 0_0 !!!!!!!!

    Well just wait an check often xD
    iam waiting................
    beameron (author) 6 years ago
    Thx man Right now i`am making a Hand which has 3 fingers And they can all move individually  It`s really cool only i need to find my adapter of my Mobile phone be4 I can post an preview or anything.
    Lowney6 years ago
    Hey, I think all your guns are good: you seem to be quite underated! 
    beameron (author) 6 years ago
    NEW NEW NEW* I POSTED AN PREVIEW OF MY NEW MAD MAXSHOTGUN !!!<br /> <br /> It`s called: beameron`s MAD MAX SHOTGUN 2.0 (preview)<br />
    fmg9 coming ?/?/??
    beameron (author) 7 years ago
    P.S all new gun is coming its the: TAVOR TAR 21 It is my favorite gun and i didnt knew how to make it be4 But yeah,. I just started building and it turned out real nice (preview coming soon)
    beameron (author) 7 years ago
    Everyone a totally new designed MAD MAX SHOTGUN is coming with shells. 2 barreled firing-pin MUCH better break action point. And has better handle i believe. (1 con: It uses 2 broken white rods and to get nice handle it also uses an broken blue rod)
    post your fmg9?