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beanieostrich (author) 1 year ago
Hey folks, and welcome to my K'nex channel of instructables. You're welcome to build any of my creations, or use parts of them. Please give acknowledgement to me if you do use any of my creations; it would be quite appreciated.

Thank you for viewing my page, and viewing my products.

It is nice to see that you're back. :)

beanieostrich (author) 3 years ago
beanieostrich (author) 4 years ago
beanieostrich (author) 4 years ago
I thank you all for the 50,000 total views that I have gotten since I joined.
Halphinian2 years ago
the knex king!
Johnhall143 years ago
Thanks for the sub =)
JonnyBGood3 years ago
Thanks for the subscription! I wasn't expecting that.
hawk453 years ago
Hi just found you and you make beast instructables!
Judging by your avatar, you like Dragonforce. What's your favorite song by them?
beanieostrich (author)  dr. richtofen3 years ago
My favorite song would be Through the Fire and Flames. \m/ (-_-) \m/
\m/ Nice song indeed, my favorite is Where Dragons Rule (if you don't know it, look up the 2010 version, it's better sound quality)
Hi there! I wish you a merry Christmas, and a spectacular New Year!
Hey man. Thanks for the sub. Anything you liked in particular?
AUG-5OM34 years ago
Hey it sucks to see you getting less active. anything in the works, or maybe in your head? (like me, I'm not insane but alot of ideas pop up and are gone in like 3 minutes =D)