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May 27, 2016
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  • benbeta commented on PeterE56's forum topic Transformer not behaving...2 months ago

    A transformer has mainly 2 parts the primiry coil and the secondery coil, it is usualy sometimes found that the copper wire in the primiry coil is thin as compared with the secondrythe working all depends on the number of turns on each side that is at the primiry and the secondary coils and the both of them are not connected because a transformer works on the principle of induction the AC current coming to the primiry or the secondry creates a magnetic flux and induces current on the other coil,I will also give u the formula to calculate the voltage input or output or to calculate the number of turns needed in the secondry or primiry to attain a certain voltagenumber of turns in the secondry coil /number of turns in the primiry coil =voltage in the secondry coil /voltage in the primiry coilI hope this helped you

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