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  • DIY Thorn (and puncture)-resistant tyres

    Saw a different approach on Youtube. Mount the tire w/tube on the rim in the regular manner. then fill the tube with low expanding foam used to seal cracks in homes. Be sure it is low expansion foam. At the opposite side of the tire from the filler point, drill an 1/8" hole to allow air to escape. Once the foam has arrived at the drill hole the tire will be full. Allow to set up for a couple of days. I'm not a bicyclist so don't know how this will affect the ride, but the youtube article said it was fine.

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  • benchkey. commented on canida's instructable Boiled Beef Tongue2 years ago
    Boiled Beef Tongue

    Tongue is a dish I've enjoyed since childhood. Lived on a working farm and so learned to enjoy parts that make people squeamish. Rocky mountain oysters are one of my favourites. There are many ways to cook tongue. I like the slow cooker. Add tongue, vegetables, water, salt, pepper, and any spice that you enjoy with beef. Give it 8 hours, let cool enough to handle. Strip outer layer and discard (My dogs like it) . Slice and then cook in a frying pan with a sauce/gravy and serve.

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  • benchkey. commented on kelleymarie's instructable 3 Ways to Revive Stale Bread2 years ago
    3 Ways to Revive Stale Bread

    If you have a vegitable steamer, then place the bread in the vegetable area and expose to steam. The amount of time is necessitated by the size of the bread. Usually under a minute is enough.

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