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  • benhur.goncalves commented on benhur.goncalves's instructable GSM Shield Home Alarm1 month ago
    GSM Shield Home Alarm

    Sorry guys, I dont have a schematic for this one. Just follow these instructions:Pin 0: unconnected;Pin 1: unconnected;Pin 2: unconnected (the GSM will use this pin);Pin 3: unconnected (the GSM will use this pin);Pin 4: last row from keypad (keypad pin 4 – from 8);Pin 5: unconnected;Pin 6: second column from keypad (keypad pin 6 – from 8);Pin 7: third column from keypad (keypad pin 7 – from 8);Pin 8: unconnected (the GSM will use this pin);Pin 9: unconnected (the GSM will use this pin);Pin 10: PIR sensor number 2 data;Pin 11: siren horn signal (goes to the relay module input);Pin 12: PIR sensor number 1 data;Pin 13: buzzer signal input;

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  • Arduino Pedometer Watch, With Temperature, Altitude and Compass!

    Yes, but you have to solder a bluetooth board to it. Perfectly possible, but will drain the battery even faster.

    Look for GY-87, or HMC5883L, BMP085 and MPU6050 on Ebay and Aliexpress.https://www.aliexpress.com/

    Sorry man, but I dont pan to make updates to the project.

    No. Probably because your display is different from mine. Each display has a different configuration. Uploading the same code will generally never work, because probably the parts are slightly different one from the other. Test the code part by part.

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