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  • benm3 commented on tomward's instructable Ultimate Parts Storage1 year ago
    Ultimate Parts Storage

    Outstanding and really professional looking. You can jam a lot of stuff in boxes and such but your folders allow for notes and pictures as well. I think it is brilliant!Thanks!

    BTW, I ended up using zip lock bags and tucked them in dvd/cd organizer sleeves.

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  • benm3 commented on W1LL7's instructable River Rider Water Bike1 year ago
    River Rider Water Bike

    OH..MY...GOD! I amnot sure what I liked more, the idea or the video! Doesn't matter, I totally enjoyed myself onboth accounts! The idea was great andnot over-engineered. Your craftsmanship and ability to incorporate readilyavailable materials is MacGyver 2.0! Keep up the good work!

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