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April 3, 2015
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  • Analog Output - Convert PWM to Voltage

    I just gotta say, this is a fantastic explanation. I've been trying to wrap my head around a lot of these concepts for a long time and this one sunk in right away thanks to the detail you gave! Can you reverse the filter (high pass) by putting the capacitor first and the resistor to ground? Also, does the value of the capacitor play into it's reactance?

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  • benrosenbach commented on amandaghassaei's instructable Arduino Audio Input4 months ago
    Arduino Audio Input

    Thanks so much for this tutorial, it definitely helped clear up some questions I was having about dc-biasing. However, as many diy circuit tutorials do for me, I am left with almost as many (different) questions as I had when I started!In your circuit, you use an op-amp that requires a positive and negative voltage power supply. Is there a reason you need this type of op-amp? Powering it via two 9 volts works fine for this example, but in a real work situation, I can’t imagine wanting to build something I have to keep running with two 9 volt batteries! How would you change this circuit to run off 9v DC (could you?) or better yet to use the 5v power from the Arduino? As someone who’s circuitry experience mostly comes from playing around with DC, these kinds of things in tutorials tend to get me.

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