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  • Throttle Cable Replacement on a 1975 Honda CB200T

    I had a Fiat 124 with a cable operated clutch, absolute beast to change! So, I made my own inner cable with a solderless nipple on one end. Then, I did not have to remove the outer cable, simple thread the new inner through the old outer and clamp the nipple on the other end. My mechanic started offering this mod to other customers, must have been OK!

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  • beswickat commented on Yonatan24's instructable Top 10 Vise Hacks!3 months ago
    Top 10 Vise Hacks!

    One day, my wedding ring became oval and I couldn't slip it off when I went to work in my work shop. So I put my hand in a vice and gently applied pressure to return the ring to a more round shape (it worked beautifully). Of course, someone walks in when I was doing this and couldn't believe their eyes when they saw me with my hand in the vice and apparently winding it tight. :=)

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