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  • bethastor commented on joelsprayberry's instructable Dachshund wheelchair1 year ago
    Dachshund wheelchair

    I hope this isn't too late. Unless the dog is constantly in unmanageable pain, then you can absolutely provide him with a wonderful life after the injury! Our dog Beans is 11 years old and she blew 2 spinal discs about a year ago. For about a month she received daily cortisone shots. Once she still didn't regain her mobility they did a scan and discovered the blown discs. The vet did not want to operate because of her age and he said that there is no guarantee that the surgery would work. So we got her a wheelchair, a bunch of washable dog diapers, and changed how we care for her. The wheelchair has helped her regain strength and confidence. She can still run with the other dogs. It was a tough transition for all of us but I can assure you that she lives a very happy productive life!!

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