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billybenj (author) 6 years ago
and by the way im working on modding my secret strike that i just got for my bday today.
who cares that you are just so mean
coll send me a pic when your done.
billybenj (author)  MAVREV136 years ago
lol ight, its not going so well though, i dont got any hot glue so i tryed using this tacky glue stuff, it works like crap.
geek276 years ago
Nice work!  I'm happy to add your modifications!
MAVREV136 years ago
its cool but ill make a snap bow till cool
billybenj (author)  MAVREV136 years ago
the nerf gun under 12$$ u know
billybenj (author)  MAVREV136 years ago
yes i know. your comment made no sense though. and whats a snap bow?
youtube nerfer KN opertive
its KNDOperative sorry
MAVREV136 years ago
whsts you youtube username
billybenj (author)  MAVREV136 years ago
just searched your nameon youtube, apprently u got same name too, and nice 1 view on your 4 videos lol
billybenj (author)  billybenj6 years ago
i meant all not 4 lol, ill subscribe though, and i dont make videos just to let ya know
no prob i will not complain... or will in nnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa im not 1 for complaining about that.