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  • biztux commented on geotek's instructable Harvesting Electronic Components9 months ago
    Harvesting Electronic Components

    Given that most IC's are temperature rated at 70C (125C max for milspec) and that the gas torch is many times that temperature, component damage is a very real issue.I would suggest buying a good quality temperature controlled soldering iron and a quality solder sucker or a surplus de-soldering machine, you will retrieve more in-tact components and won't run the risk of damaging passive components whilst "Banging" the board against a wooden block.Professional Electronics Engineer since 1978.

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  • biztux commented on souhadl's instructable Motion Detection Lights 1 year ago
    Motion Detection Lights

    I am an electronics engineer with over 40 Years experience designing and building electronic equipment and agree totally with JodyF1. I suggest replacing the power supply here with a good quality 220VAC to 12VDC Plug Pack, readily available from any electronic components supplier.BigRob215275: FYI The international standard for electrical outlets for home and offices is 220VAC, few places outside the USA even have 110/120VAC outlets.

    For your 5V supply use a 7805 Voltage regulator and heatsink.

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