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freefloater4 years ago
i have a neodymium magnet from a cracked hard drive. odd shape, but will it still work?
blinkyblinky (author)  freefloater2 years ago
Not exactly. I believe that a neodymium hard drive magnet has its north and south poles side to side so it would end up that the magnet would have to be vertical. Try to think of it more like a curved bar magnet on its side.

It should work, but it will probably be a bit weaker than how it was before it cracked

SavageSam2 years ago
Blinkyblinky I wonder what you would charge me to make a rope/strand of UV LEDs? I am going to paint my bike frame with GITD paint and I'm told the trick is to wrap a strand of UV LEDs around the frame to really make it pop. I have VERY little experience with a soldering iron, but I'd be willing to try if you think it's something a noob could do. Your opinion please. Thanks.
salaryguide3 years ago
such a good ideas for instructables!
In you're experience what is the most useful arduino shield?
It probably depends on what you what you use it for.
versatility, I don't have allot of money. Most projects with one shield. sort of thing. I'm just starting with electronics, so I just want to try some different things.
I hear Danger Shield is prety good. It has a lot of gadgets to use. I don't have it though so I can't tell you. The only one I could find that you can buy is this DIY one: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10570? its $29
Thanks for your advise
blinkyblinky (author)  Zaphod Beetlebrox4 years ago

 use this in a bunch of projects. I then use perf board on top of it. I have built lots of shields with perf board on top of it. I have built so many I haven't even had enough time to post them on Instructables.

I would have to go with a protoshield...I mean there's lot's of schematics to go on and on the DoAnything shield I have built lots of  projects I just push male headers all the way down and solder under perforated board and I can keep reusing it. 

I'll try to give you a more highly written definition later.
Thanks for your advise
blinkyblinky (author)  Zaphod Beetlebrox4 years ago
It would take me a while to answer this. I'll get back as soon as I have an afternoon or two to answer this question. I'll send you a PM.
powerman6664 years ago
You have some of the coolest Instrables ever!