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Jan. 19, 2016
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  • Rideable Segway Clone - Low Cost and Easy Build

    Hi Ihart,I started about a year agou to make a SEGWAY clone with an analog gyro but, I was not successfull. Than I found you project and used your schematic and your code. Everything works perfectly-just on a table now. And with the help of fgastald, I have integrated pot steering. So, thank you for sharing your skill with others. I have a lot of fun by building it.

    Hi Fabio,I have used the steering pot part of your code and it works perfectly. Thank you very much for your help. I appreciate it. As soon as I finish the final assembly I will show the result.RgrdsJozef

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  • Rideable Segway Clone - Low Cost and Easy Build

    Thanks for the replay on the pot integration and sorry for asking you a question about the low power on one saber chanel it was not meant to you. Just for clarification somebody wrote:<After the power is on, and before pressing the dead man swich, one motor is running very low. Only one channel of Saberthooth card is concerned. A voltmeter read 0.60 volts on Sabertooth output. Power voltage is 24 VIt is very low voltage, but strong enough to run motor at very low speed, with a sufficient torque. I cannot stop the shaft with by hand.>and I have a problem with that and unable to get rid of.

    Hello Fabio,I am close before the completion of the Segway. But I am experiencing the same problem with the leakage of small about 0,5 Volt power in one Saber chanel that is strong enough not to be stopped by hand. Had you been able to solve that issue? Could you provide schematic how to provide steering by potenciometer and how did you modifyied the Code for the pot?RgrdsJozef

    Hi again,I am not an expert in programming, could you help and provide the whole section of the code where the pot code is integrated. Thank you.Jozef

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