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Sept. 29, 2007
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  • Save Gas And Incerase Horsepower By Side Gapping Spark Plugs

    I think you may have misread the article you cited. "Spark plugs with fine wire center and/or ground electrodes operate better for two reasons. First, a smaller center electrode requires less voltage to jump the gap. This means fewer misfires, which will be seen in higher mileage and more horsepower. The second reason is smaller center and ground electrodes reduce quenching." This means that the smaller area you mentioned actually makes for a better spark.

    Just increasing the gap will not make the spark better; it will actually weaken it. The air-fuel mixture has a much higher resistance than the metal of the electrodes so making the gap larger makes the resistance that much more. You would have to increase the power to the plug in order for the spark to be able to cross the increased gap. To learn more, please google basic electrical theory and how spark plugs work.

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  • Save Gas And Incerase Horsepower By Side Gapping Spark Plugs

    Can this be applied in a motorcycle sir ?

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  • Save Gas And Incerase Horsepower By Side Gapping Spark Plugs

    Lastly, I googled "Top Fuel spark plug size comparison" and could not really find any major differences compared to your standard engine. The top fuel dragsters have much larger cylinders and 8000 hp (1000hp per cylinder) yet the spark plugs are not that different but use 2 plugs per cylinder and every other component is bigger and better, like the ignition/spark size. Their fuel economy can be 40 gallon per mile!Look closely at the plug electrodes in the cylinder head picture I included. How big is your ignition/spark compared to the included photo.

    The sparks are the same size in any plug configuration (side gap or regular) as the spark can physically only go from the center electrode to the ground electrode (hook portion) and does not throw past it.Cutting the ground electrode gives you a smaller area for the spark to jump to eliminating reliability. The spark can only go from corner to corner, rather than having the ability to use the entire flat surfaces on both sides to find the best path when carbon deposits build up and hinder spark.Check out the plugs on this page for an extreme version of this plug mod.Taken from the link below: "A racing plug differs from a street plug typically by the heat range and expectation of durability. Also the long-life electrodes in the street plugs is designed for longevity. "http://www.dragzine.com/features/pri-coverage/pri-...

    Responding to a comment: what might acetone do to your fuel lines and plastic parts in your engine? What is acetone usually used for, nail polish remover, etc? What if acetone eats your fuel line and sends the bits of rubber or plastic into your engine and burns/cakes onto the plug? I don't know, maybe it will clean your engine and plug but may harm your oxygen sensor or catalytic converter or clean the oil off your cylinder walls removing the lubrication and causing more wear. Some octane boosters say they can harm engines and other parts but give more power.

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