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  • bobbg53 commented on Wjmarsh55's instructable Sliding Barnwood Door1 month ago
    Sliding Barnwood Door

    If you like you could have done a hand hammered look and used a brass color finish on the metal. the contrast would look great. or even a rust look.This leaves a lot of ideas to tweek it for a slighty different look.

    I'll agree kits for these cost too much.I'd like to see more detail how the rollers system work, and how you put that part together. you showed everything else closely except that part of it.Perhaps there would be sevral ways to do it and some with less metal then you used. one you do not have to attach a u bracket to the wall to keep the door in place sliding it. That part looks like a trip hazard or somthing the kids could get hurt on. But i'll compliment you on your effort's it looks nice.A few refinements couldn't hurt any project.

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