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hungyhipo 25 years ago
skillet is the best

theburn75 years ago
Plz change yo avatar, it freaks me out so bad
Metal4God6 years ago
hey dude, y do u have a short hair'd michael jackson as ur icon
bobbyk881 (author)  Metal4God6 years ago
Hey dude why you do you not like MY hair?
i like the hair the rest, dude r u wearing makeup and u have a gf, i will never know y
bobbyk881 (author)  Metal4God6 years ago
Because im cool. Real men wear makeup.
real men do NOT WEAR MAKE UP!
bobbyk881 (author)  Knex_Gun_Builder6 years ago
real men dont hate people over the internet
I dont hate you!
(removed by author or community request)
bobbyk881 (author)  hungyhipo 26 years ago
LMAO seriously LMAO. sweet, That stinks about the draft.
riiiiight i gotta call u M.Jackson (makes note to self)
bobbyk881 (author)  Metal4God6 years ago
Me is no MJ, Me is bobby.
nooo u is Scott
bobbyk881 (author)  Metal4God6 years ago
SHHHHHHHH... Me is bobby.