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  • bobrosco commented on mikeasaurus's instructable Unusual Uses for Zip Ties3 days ago
    Unusual Uses for Zip Ties

    there are special cut off pliers that are not ground in to a double point like a knife, but only ground to a point from 1 side and the other side is flat. Those are flush cut, because you can put the flat side up to whatever you are cutting and cut flush with that edge. Those cutters also dont pinch the side that remains to a sharp point, they will leave a much flatter edge. But a special warning, you cant use those pliers for cutting metal, if you do they will bend the cutting edge and the pliers are ruined.(we had an inturn who did that to a brand new knipex, instant garbage)

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  • bobrosco commented on GreatScottLab's instructable DIY Portable Mini Monitor11 months ago
    DIY Portable Mini Monitor

    i can even buy an cheap 7 inch tablet for less then he bought that lcd for. I think archos had a 7 inch tablet on the market here in the 50-60 range. And that is including a pretty good battery and a built in charger and everything.

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