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Jan. 17, 2016
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  • bonmom commented on wold630's instructable Creepy Chocolate Chip Cookies1 week ago
    Creepy Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Use the tips of candy corn for teeth, and the "corn" tops for eyes. Or cut jelly beans in 1/2; I used Jelly Belly ice cream parlor colors; have random brown markings on them and weird pastel colors that look particularly ghoulish.

    I doubled the recipe to make 36 1 1/2 - 2 inch cookies (2 sheets; hate to waste the electricity).Instead of 1 cup almond flour and 1/4 cup coconut flour, I used 1 cup wheat flour (1/2 whole wheat, 1/2 unbleached). Sorry; not gluten free. Dough plenty stiff enough and still soft when warm for face constructing. Bits of ground tomato or mashed peas make for extra gross decorating.

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  • A Cabin in the woods...a work in progress........

    You mentioned your budget - what are you expecting this to cost?

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  • bonmom commented on ben maisel's instructable Backpacking Tips and Tricks1 month ago
    Backpacking Tips and Tricks

    Always a good idea to check in with your local forestry station (close to most national forests, but can be found near other parks and areas). You can ask them about current conditions (fires, floods, animal issues, vagrants, campsites, trails) and any rules of the area (fire permits, camping only in certain spots, bear cans or stringing up food required, etc.). For example, Lost Coast requires knowledge of the tides as there is a 4 mile stretch than can leave you stranded or washed away if not timed right. They will also have maps if needed.Take a compass and know how to use it.Wear underwear that can be used to swim in and that dries quickly. My pack always looks like a laundromat as I walk along with yesterday's washed underwear in the breeze.Have a list of things to bring and share with those in your group. Why would you need six stoves, 6 pots, and 6 first aid kits? Consolidating and sharing lightens everyone's load. I have a 2 person tent that I always offer to save someone else bring a tent as well. Otherwise my dog comes along.Make sure at least 2 other people know where you are going, itinerary, and when you plan to be back. It is the buddy system that will alert help if you are not accounted for. I also leave a note in my car with my itinerary and timing.And about the car - empty the dashboard and leave it open, and remove all other valuables from the car before you leave home. Leaves it less interesting for local crime. Forget the critters; they are just hungry! Keep a small stash of cash, car key, and credit card in small pocket in pants or backpack.

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  • bonmom commented on MaddieJ3's instructable Ta-Cones (Taco Cones)3 months ago
    Ta-Cones (Taco Cones)

    Cute name and everyone knows what you mean and what they will get. Flour tortillas bake up nice; not so with corn. It's a hybrid, but who cares! Looks delicious. Thanks!

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  • bonmom commented on diycreators's instructable Backsplash From Reclaimed Pallets3 months ago
    Backsplash From Reclaimed Pallets

    Very clever - nice idea!

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  • bonmom commented on ColemanSamuel's instructable Make Artisan Soaps (The Easy Way)3 months ago
    Make Artisan Soaps (The Easy Way)

    Put some in the bottom of each of the 16 ice cube slots and make a tray full of perfect-sized soaps. Can layer colors for an interesting look. Old ice cube trays can be found at thrift stores; beware aluminum.Use sodium hydroxide in a well-ventilated area; very toxic and exothermic when reacts (hot fumes). In chem lab, it is mixed under a vent hood; eye protection always.

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