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  • Goodbye Moshi or how to run your laser printer on Arduino

    Hi The link for the file download is taking me to filefactory and I cant get to the file.

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  • ARDUINO UNO + TB6560 Stepper motor driver

    Hi Great tutorial but I want to use 3 of these with my UNO for GRBL does anybody know of a circuit diagram for this please.

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  • bparker2 commented on Elektron8's instructable 3D Printed Desktop CNC mill1 year ago
    3D Printed Desktop CNC mill

    Hi I have almost finished a small mill like this using 6mm threaded rods an Arduino cnc shield 3 A4988 stepper drivers 3 Nema 17 I have Arduino mega,Uno, Duemilanove and others that I can use but I am not looking forward to trying to set the software for a first run can anybody suggest an easy to follow tutorial I know people will say Google it but there are so many that are not very clear I would like somebody that is new to Arduino to point me to one that got them up and running. I know I have quite a lot of Arduino items but I just spend £20/£30 now and again on eBay I don't know much about them as yet. I am not saying there is anything wrong with this tutorial but it uses different drivers and I don't know if it's all compatible with mine.Thanks Bill

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