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  • Homebuilt (DIY) CNC Router - Arduino Based (GRBL)

    Hi i have almost finished my router i used 5mm sheet metal. But im still confused as to what software is required ie starting with cad what format to save in then what cam software is required and what format to save in and then do i need a sender program? I keep looking but can not find a tutorial that even goes slow enough to know what the mouse has clivked on and also most are poor quality so again not able to understand. If anybody knows of a good tutorial using free software and sending the output to grbl i would be very grateful if you could point me to it.Thanks

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  • Goodbye Moshi or how to run your laser printer on Arduino

    Hi The link for the file download is taking me to filefactory and I cant get to the file.

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  • ARDUINO UNO + TB6560 Stepper motor driver

    Hi Great tutorial but I want to use 3 of these with my UNO for GRBL does anybody know of a circuit diagram for this please.

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  • bparker2 commented on Elektron8's instructable 3D Printed Desktop CNC mill2 years ago
    3D Printed Desktop CNC mill

    Hi I have almost finished a small mill like this using 6mm threaded rods an Arduino cnc shield 3 A4988 stepper drivers 3 Nema 17 I have Arduino mega,Uno, Duemilanove and others that I can use but I am not looking forward to trying to set the software for a first run can anybody suggest an easy to follow tutorial I know people will say Google it but there are so many that are not very clear I would like somebody that is new to Arduino to point me to one that got them up and running. I know I have quite a lot of Arduino items but I just spend £20/£30 now and again on eBay I don't know much about them as yet. I am not saying there is anything wrong with this tutorial but it uses different drivers and I don't know if it's all compatible with mine.Thanks Bill

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