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TOCO5 years ago
Cool instructibles! Could you post one about the ledboy.
bradsprojects (author)  TOCO5 years ago
Thanks very much = )

I certainly will get around to posting the LEDBOY. I was programming it in assembly but have now moved onto a different programming language so I need to port the code over.

sir pls explain me, where the header pins need to connect in the micro controller.. there is no detail in the circuit diagram

hrodriguez74 years ago
hey Brad,
you said in the video of super pixel bros. that you'd send people a free kit
I wouldn't mind getting one
what do I have to do?
nbsrujan5 years ago
hello brad
i've started my project of rgb pov display showing video. Iam facing lot of problems in writing data in eeprom. Will you please suggest me code of interface between atmega 16 and eeprom 24c1024 as soon as possible.
thanking you
bradsprojects (author)  nbsrujan5 years ago
Hi, unfortunately I can't help you with that because I only program pic microcontrollers, not atmel.

The programming is different between the two.

But to write data to eprom, you will need an eprom programmer (search for one on ebay) and also an eprom eraser. Your best option is to get EEPROMS because you don't need a special eraser for them.
Hey brad!
I would like to make your Christmas Card game, I went to bradsprojects.com and there doesn't seem to be any content. The forum works and if you search it gets results, but if you click on any of the projects or search results you get nada. Does this happen to you?
bradsprojects (author)  circuitbreaker6 years ago

I just checked the site also and it does look to be messed up. I will have to get around to fixing it. All the content is still there (when I go into the admin section) but for some reason it is just not being displayed...

The forum has been strange also for a while?

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