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  • brianpeters commented on brianpeters's instructable Quad SN76489 Synth2 years ago
    Quad SN76489 Synth

    Most of the time people when people have contacted me about some notes being correct and others being way off- it usually turns out a less significant bit has been swapped with a more significant bit- basically, one or more of the wires going from the controller to the chip are miswired, OR, if it's super messed up sounding, they're in the correct order, just backwards (MSB is at LSB, and vice versa).You don't have anything programmed to make a startup sound and the chip makes sound just from getting 5V and the oscillator signal? Try actually disconnecting the data lines and see if it still makes the noise. I've never heard of them making a tone on their own just from powering up.

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