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I think you are fantastic. Keep it up. You inspire me. And... we're neighbors!

bricobart (author)  Renarde Rousse5 months ago

You're thinking wrong, but thanx for that nice compliment anyway ;)

Good feeling to hear that I've been able to inspire at least someone!

Same continent? Same country? Same castle?

Ok, maybe not next door neighbors. I'm a hop a skip and a jump away. Normandie ;)

bricobart (author)  Renarde Rousse5 months ago

The best days of my life were in Normandie. No need to go elsewhere!

Oh ya? You lived here also? World traveler, huh?

bricobart (author)  Renarde Rousse5 months ago

Very long story...

Probably just as long as the story of how I got here. It takes me days to tell.

BartholomewH11 months ago

Loved your cat flat pack assembly hack!

bricobart (author)  BartholomewH9 months ago
Thanx Bartholome, but what project are you talking about? Cat flat pack?! Was it me?!
PowellMade1 year ago

I am subscribing to you because of your hilarious intelligent replies on the 'cast a blade' instructable. Thanks for commenting you made me laugh with the inventivity and welcome to the site comments. Your awesome thanks.

bricobart (author)  PowellMade1 year ago

Thanx mate, and thanx for the patch. It was a pleasure to read your project and I've always had the greatest respect for great craftsmen. Keep on posting awesome projects, you're inspiring.

Eldalote1 year ago

Thanks for following me! :)

bricobart (author)  Eldalote1 year ago

You're welcome - you gave the assist, btw, by making such awesome projects! ;)

Thank you for following me mate :D

Your iBles are awesome..following ya now :)