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s0lekill3r8 years ago
Hey, you got any new projects underway or did you quit?
bunduk (author)  s0lekill3r8 years ago
i quit go tell evry1
Alright, but why did you quit?
bunduk (author)  s0lekill3r8 years ago
knex gun were getting very boring im just looking now at how much its got better and the answer is:nothing. its just the same as when i left.
True, I've kinda stopped making guns but I'm still making other things.
bunduk (author)  s0lekill3r8 years ago
yeah i also came back to look if they have any tech deck stuff. oh and one thing thats strange is that mepain has stopped because he finds it boring to.
hes still going he made knex sayer
118118 bunduk7 years ago
u quit cos u shot ur bros too, so u werent aloud 2 make guns ha ha ha (i know him)
havent messaged you in a long time huh?
bunduk (author)  transformersfan1228 years ago
hey yo you do know that if you click the "reply" button u cn reply to my post so it goes underneath it
oh no not really cause Im new
hey Im new
bunduk (author)  transformersfan1228 years ago
um yeah ok hiiiiiiiiii
Easy Button9 years ago
hey crazy zilla made your shotgun instructable with out your permission and its made wrong and i was gona make it. heres a