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Isle of Bute, Scotland
Jan. 12, 2010
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Did HNC Chemical Engineering ( many years ago ) worked in industry as a chemist for 25 years then in IT as network admin before i retired.
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  • buteman commented on pinchan's instructable Use Your Tablet As Raspberry Pi Screen1 week ago
    Use Your Tablet As Raspberry Pi Screen

    I have a RPI with a 3 terrabyte USB drive attached. No shortage of space at all. I back up my laptop and my wife's to it among other things.

    whoops it's chmod +xpermissions in linux are represented by ( as a minimum ) 9 characters:rwxrwxrwx first 3 are file owner permissions, the second members of the group and the last for everyone else.r = read, w = write, x = execute


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  • Make A Wi-fi Webcam From An Old Android Phone

    It's not the same thing. Your router static IP address is the WAN one which is what is seen from the world. A static IP address on your phone is for your private network which is only seen by other computers, smartphones, tablets and so on in your home and logged into your router. Of course if you have a neighbour nearby and know their router password you can log into their router and then you will be on their network so will see their computers but your other computers in your home wont be able to see your computer and you wont be able to see them.

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  • buteman commented on emills05's instructable How to Screwing With Another Screw1 month ago
    How to Screwing With Another Screw

    That's true in the U.K as well. Although some people don't seem to realise it.

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  • buteman commented on balsuryana's instructable Simple Inverter. 12v DC to 220v AC.3 months ago
    Simple Inverter. 12v DC to 220v AC.

    What is the wattage rating of the resistors please?

    Yes, and thinking about safety, it could kill your just laid out as it is. Especially if you go for a higher power transformer. One high voltage lead in each hand and you would be jumping about!

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