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  • buzzripper commented on Mr.Gizmo's instructable DIY stereo volume control module(easy)11 months ago
    DIY stereo volume control module(easy)

    I'm not an electronics expert, but the 2nd pot is confusing to me. You're calling it 'gain' but there's no amplifier - it will never be louder that the output of the device you're hooking it to, right? If that's true, then aren't you really just running 2 stereo resistors in series? And if so, what's the point, why wouldn't just 1 stereo pot work? Sorry if this is a noob question! I'm asking because I just want a simple volume control, i just want to leave the unit on full volume, run a long cable to my DIY unit, and then attenuate the volume from there.Thanks,Buzz

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