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March 19, 2015
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  • bwag174 commented on rickharris's instructable How to make gears easily8 months ago
    How to make gears easily

    You know what, I think you are entirely obfuscating what you think you want. Upon rereading your comment you just need a gearing RATIO of 34:54, and you think that what this means is the diameters are 34mm to 54mm, they would be if two circles could spin (they wouldn't, you'd be off by a factor, besides the point). You want 34 TEETH to 54 TEETH which is a different diameter. Odds are you'll need to have multiple stages, but otherwise you want a .6296 ratio. So if you had a 8.18t pinion gear you'd want a 13t pinion gear. Play with the numbers and you realize you can go with a 10t pinion and a 17t spur gear, that comes pretty close to what you want, that being said you need to come up with your own solution, or provide more details on your needs. That is after all why people pay engineers.

    That's unfortunately not how the real world works. A "real world application" would involve the engineer planning a little ahead of time ;)Two gears meshing has a lot of very specific requirements. Not only is that not how a 34:53 gear made, the exterior gear would have to be non-circular in order to spin around (or the middle gear is not circular). If you are looking for two gears like that I would suggest a custom gear solution, it'll cost $1,000 to a few thousand each pair. Otherwise, work your system around. There are plenty of compact gear ratios like planetary sun and moon gears that might only set you back a few hundred if you don't want to just use metal spur gears over multiple stages.http://www.rushgears.com/ has a great collection of all the possibilities while using spur gears.

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