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Feb. 17, 2016
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  • camoflage commented on BigNate84's instructable How To Take Time Lapse Photo's (CHDK)8 months ago
    How To Take Time Lapse Photo's (CHDK)

    To do time lapse, I guess you need a lot of memory on an SD drive. My understanding is CHDK saves a bunch of stills and you put them together in post processing. Correct? How many GB is recommended if I, say, want a 5 minute film taken over an hour or 2, snapping a pic every second or so? 5 minutes at 24 frames/sec requires 7200 pictures. If I have 4 GB, that's 5K bytes/picture. That's not so hi-res for each still, but I guess for a movie it would probably be pretty good. Does this sound about right? Are there limitations on these Powershot cameras on the capacity of the SD cards they can handle (Too general a question, probably!)Also: is shooting a timelapse sequence dependent on the camera's normal interval-between shots? or does CHDK keep the shutter open, as in taking a video? ('Don't know if I am expressing this right)Thanks,Dave

    Hi, If I buy a used camera that's on the list, what if I buy it and the firmware version isn't compatible with CHDK? Can I always upgrade the firmware version via some download from Canon?Thanks! -Dave

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