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I guess chocolate peppermint bark must be good. Thanks for great instructable.

Nice post. Thanks for great instructable.

rajeevcool7553 months ago

Good articles. Thanks for sharing with us.!

Sounds great. Thanks for the share..

Shankari15623 months ago

I love to eat potato stuffs.

jthomson30003 months ago

Thanks for following me.!!!

Pantheranat203 months ago

Nice post canida..!! Thanks for sharing with us. :) Lol

danialbell53 months ago

Sounds like crazy . Time to experiment on purple sweet potato balls.

Flosyd1233 months ago

Nice stuffs. Good instructables.

JaavarSingh3 months ago

Thank for sharing this. Let me try it once.

MuhammadA3 months ago

Nice recipes, i would like to try some.

Thank's for cool recipes, canida!
sumppumps1 year ago
Cool recipes from U :)
Hey Canida!
Love your instructables,just subbed!
sunshiine1 year ago
Hi Canida! Thanks for subbing! I love your recipes! Have a beautiful day!