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  • Upgrading Smart RGB LEDs: WS2812B vs. WS2812

    Bravo! Very nice explaination of the two. Both of which I have in my kit for experimantation. Never had a really close look at the minute structure and wiring of the the LED's to the driver chip inside, but 30 power still provodes an astonishing glimpse at these jewel like devices. What is even more wonderful is fooling around with the libraries created by equally brilliant folks. Pun intended :-) I am also looking into what can be done with the straight 5050 RGB's or should I say GRB's (lol) and the WS2811.I have been to OSHPark looking for ready to order PCBs' to mount the driver chip and these ultra low cost cousins. This has been a very professional write up, hope to see more of this type of top notch Instructable. Full marks!Best regards, gotta go look at the link provided.

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