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  • Make A Wi-fi Webcam From An Old Android Phone

    Great use of and older smart phone. Great instructions. Now if you could just rig up a smoke dector to fire extinguisher it would take some of the worry out of the equation.

    I use it and it's great. It has a great password generator that you can set what ever charactures and the length you want. You never get the same password twice.

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  • capman911 commented on halledean's instructable Leather Underbust Harness1 year ago
    Leather Underbust Harness

    I think you did an excellent cosplay assessory. At first I was stunned by the way it portrays youry body then after reading further I got my answer by wearing it in cosplay and other re-enactment.

    You are chastizing her just for the way she writes her narrative If she were telling ithis to you in person you could see the expression on her face the tone of her voice and happeness she extrudes as she descibes how she made this. Judge not yet ye be judged. ?

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