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  • Connect to Blynk using ESP8266 as Arduino Uno wifi shield (Mac only)

    HelloThank you for the well detailed instruction.Sadly I get an error while updating flash: (Arduino blank sketch)Connecting...Erasing flash...A fatal error occurred: Invalid head of packet- Using Arduino blank sketch- I did manage to do AT command using other instructables with this ESP & Mega 2560.- Tested on few ESP 01- Tried to use it with the 2-Channel Bi-Directional Logic Level Shifter Converters 3V-5V For Arduino- Or 3.3v directly connected to the v3.3 on the mega2560- Skipping the flash step and uploading sketch i get the echo error-I'm aware of the RX-RX and TX-TX as well as GP0 - GND and CHPD - 3.3v, of course i tried to switch TX and RX as well.What am i missing here? Also, what do you use the Pyserial for?its installed on my linux.

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