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  • Start Your Car With a Rope (Dead Battery Life Hack)

    I'm really surprised anyone could do this. I was a shade tree mechanic in my teens and 20's and had several manual trans cars and had a lot of experience pushing (with people and with another vehicle). It's very hard to turn that engine over, much less with the transmission connected to it. Having said that, with the little bitty engines in some little bitty cars nowadays, It must be possible. I'd bet it can't be done on 6 or 8 cylinder engine.

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  • caruncles commented on dcshoeco33's instructable simple electronic ignitor5 months ago
    simple electronic ignitor

    I've been interested in making something like this, but would need to make a spark to set off a black powder charge. However, I think it would need some type of step-up transformer like an engine coil (DC). This application would be for large, too-far-to-run, explosives that require a wire directly to the blasting cap/charge. Your "ible" is cool, but I wouldn't want to haul all that around just to light firecrackers or mortars. A 3-pack of Bic lighters from the convenience store for $1.50 seems much more convenient. Still, keep up the good work!

    in serial. Pos-neg-pos-neg-pos-neg. probably need to solder them. This is how your cordless, rechargeable, power tools work. The batteries in them are usually "sub-C" batteries wired in series.

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