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  • PhilThanks very much for your reply. I replaced the bearings which nest inside the sideboards.After I read your response, I thought through my previous maintenance over the last 25 years and remembered the collar clamp. Tipped the machine on its side (collar clamp up), loosened the clamp, used a credit card as a spacer between the roller and metal washer, tightened the clamp.As they say, it was all "Bob's your uncle" after that. Smooth as snow with no hang ups.I really appreciate your knowledge and experience. Best regards.Terry Feenstra

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  • Hi PhilThanks for taking the time sharing your knowledge and experience. I've learned much from your response to reader comments. I have an Achiever with some side-to-side "play" in the axle/flywheel/driveroller assembly. As a result the right driveroller will frequently drag or rub on the right wooden frame such that while it will "drive" on the power stroke, it will hang-up on the glide stroke.I've replaced the drive rollers and bearings, and determined the space between the wooden frames, inboard and outboard to be the same, so the problem is the lateral play in the axle. Any advice? And thank you again for your time.Terry Feenstra

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