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  • ccassidy5 commented on MrJonesEducation's instructable Frankenstein Light Switch2 months ago
    Frankenstein Light Switch

    if a fire starts, the piece of wood over the faceplate will be the least of your worries. ? The standard faceplate will do well to stand in the way of the fire reaching the wood but the entry of the cables into the back box will 'chimney' the flames into the cavity which is why when diy'ing, you should never drill up through the fire break unless you know how to plug the chimney. ?

    brilliant! I am an electrician and see nothing wrong with your installation. These type of switches are still in use today to switch extremely high current loads but they are heavily insulated and turning one on and off is not for the feint hearted. The vintage style you've replicated if found must never be connected to mains electricity but there's no question you've nailed it.

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