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March 20, 2014
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  • cgilbert19 commented on seamster's instructable Tennis Balls in a Bottle (How-to!)1 month ago
    Tennis Balls in a Bottle (How-to!)

    I honestly got how to do the tennis ball trick the instant I read the task! Yep, I sat here looking very smug! :) but alas, I haven't a clue of how to do the deck of cards into bottle but if I was forced to do it at gunpoint :) I'd get a flat piece of plastic from say, the flat sides of a large milk carton (we have them in U.K. in every supermarket) Cut out a rectangle the same size as the INSIDE of the card box (measure the inside with a ruler) then score and fold it so it fits into the inside of the card box. Cut the box along one long corner then open it out flat. unfold the plastic and stick it to the inside side of the card box aligning the corners but do not force the plastic flat too much, in fact try to glue them together while the plastic maintains as much of it's box shape as possible. Carefully fold (do not crease) into a curve so it will go through the neck. once in, manipulate it back into shape (the plastic will help it to go back into the box shape almost automatically with only a little help from you. Once the box is in, wedge large thin sticks on all four sides with the sticks on the sides of the box (but long enough for them to poke out of the neck for removal later). Forget the cards and fill box with plaster of paris via a funnel/tube arrangement and adding a little water as you fill it so it sets, this will help the box stick and stay in its correct shape once it sets and also it adds the required weight, then seal the flap and you don't need to struggle with the cards as they are never seen anyway. There, what utter rubbish! :) Don't bother trying this method (unless someone has got a gun pointing at your head!) Have a nice day!

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