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tweedledoo5 years ago
Wow! Didn't know I'd find a DIY enthusiast here from Blore! Interesting work, btw!
chaitanyak (author)  tweedledoo5 years ago
what a horribly racist/elitist statement! I'm appalled. :O
yet feel the same way :D
Racist?? Oops, I'm sorry. Didn't intend that.
chaitanyak (author)  tweedledoo5 years ago
its ok, we indians are like this only :)

but seriously let me know if you run into anymore bangalorean DIYers..
i know a few and have been trying to get them to join up. heres a result of that - http://www.instructables.com/member/kthomas.t/
Oh great! Don't know of anyone. Until now, I used to think I'm the only one, which is why I was surprised to find you here. Anyway, will do so if I find anyone. :)