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  • ESP8266 and Visuino: DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Web Server

    Thank you for this (and many more) great tutorial, they are well written and simple to understand. I'm new to ESP8266 and all other scripting/programming than PHP, HTML etc, even more to visual editors (too much pride using those when i was young). I already did this but with a Raspberry PI, where i used the PI to send a simple HTTP-request to a webserver to collect the data for later use. As, http://server/home/collect.php?probe=7&t=21&h=43&hash=ckd0g89d32nfsa7la0wi0cm1gf4pqlwd83m0csIn this tutorial you're using a TCP/IP Server to host data to a client, and i should use TCP/IP Client to send request to a server. What i cant figure out is how to edit the host on each request. It feels static.

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