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Aug. 9, 2012
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  • chevy1234 commented on YFX's instructable Refillable Air Can1 month ago
    Refillable Air Can

    I hear a lot of complaints about the dangers of messing with an aresol can. If you use some common sense and precautions you won't have any trouble. This simple modification has been done ever since aresol cans came on the market. The first thing is being sure its empty. If you have a vise to hold the can in use it. Before you start drilling a hole depressurize the can at the nozzle and take a long screw driver or small diameter steel rod put a point on the rod and tap it lightly until you have made a small puncture in the can. Any residual air will be let out and you are set for the next step. If using a valve stem from and old bicycle tube, be sure to also cut a one and a half inch diameter circle of rubber from the tube as-well as stem. strip the rubber coating off the valve, you will be left with a threaded brass or stainless steel valve stem. Make the hole in the can the appropriate size so the threads will catch as you screw the valve into the can. Once you have a few threads started, use a two part epoxy and coat the valve stem with it, continue to turn the valve stem into the can leaving about 1/2 an inch exposed, smooth the epoxy out around the base of the valve onto the can. Take the one and half inch diameter circle of rubber you cut from the tube put a hole in the center of it so it will fit snugly over the valve stem, coat both the surface, the can and the surface of the rubber and press the two together. Let that setup. For added safety pickup some JB weld, and go over the area around the valve. This bond will not fail in all my experience, which in a lot. To make this refillable aresol can even more useful, pick up some 3/8 inch brass plumbing fittings. On the opposite side of the can do the same thing but thread a 3/8 inch brass outside threaded coupler into the can using the epoxy and JB weld. You can then use a 3/8 thread on plumbing cap on that filling coupler you just added to the can. You can use the can for paint, solvent or whatever you choose to spray out under pressure.. A refillable aresol can has a ton of practical uses. Check with manufacturer of the can what PSI it was designed to hold, and do not exceed that pressure. They are under rated for safety reasons so you will be fine. I have made numerous refillable compressed air cans for a multitude of reasons. I build Hotrods and Bobber motorcycles, I use a lot of aresol cans with a number of products. This simple and effective compressed air can will be an extremely handy thing to have around. Great for touching up small specialty paint colours without having to set up a detailing spray gun,,, just add some paint to your preferred can and fix the area needing attention. Enjoy and be safe, use common sense, and don't cut corners when building something that many people have had success with by following their guide to build it, make it, create it, for another re-usable, recyclable aresol can tool. An added note::: If you use a new tubeless tire valve, you will eliminate any chance of failure at the area around the valve into the can. Its the way I do it, but I see many people using the bicycle or other tire tube valve so I explained that method in this tutorial.

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