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Shadowman395 years ago
Thanks for subscribing!
chevy62 (author)  Shadowman395 years ago
no problem
TSC5 years ago
Cool picture!!
chevy62 (author)  TSC5 years ago
thanks i found it a long time ago used it as my pic
TSC6 years ago
chevy62 (author)  TSC6 years ago
thanks i am proud of my stuff. i am going to post a motorized truck and it is really fast. i will post some pics of it sometime tomorrow. so if you want some pics of it they will be on some time tomorrow.
TSC chevy626 years ago
You're welcome!!!!!!! cool!!!!!!
chevy62 (author)  TSC6 years ago
i can't get the pics on for a little bit longer they shouldd be on by next saturday not the 26 the nex.t wekkend if that is okay
TSC chevy626 years ago
Yay it's ok!!
chevy62 (author)  TSC6 years ago
do you know of any good knex motorized knex vehicals if so leave a link please and thank you
TSC chevy626 years ago
I made a knex front end loader that I put a motor on here is a side show link http://www.instructables.com/id/Front-end-loader-made-out-of-Knex/!!
chevy62 (author)  TSC6 years ago
just saying i need somthing that is realy fast light wheight and is good for raceing agenst friends. but i did like your front end loader good job.
TSC chevy626 years ago
chevy62 (author)  TSC6 years ago
do you know of any good motorized racecars that are fast realy light weghit if you do could you please leave me a link of it thanks.
~KGB~5 years ago
p90 v2 is complete, just working on the SOPMOD